faroe islands

Graffiti nearby urged Denmark to "defend the whales of the Faroe Islands."
The four-legged photographers wear cameras and solar panels as they run around documenting the terrain -- and their friends 🐏
This body of water is not what it seems. Lake Sørvágsvatn (or Lake Leitisvatn) in the Faroe Islands looks like it's perched high above the ocean below... right?
See. You. There. The Faroes are also an unlikely place to go scuba diving and have as much as 300 days of rain each year
As governments continue to subsidize the killing of the Earth with $1.9 trillion annually handed over to big oil, gas and coal, their life-threatening pollutants, e.g. methylmercury, are accumulating within the oceans at a staggering rate.
11. You can go INSIDE a VOLCANO. At Thrihnukagigur, you'll plunge almost 400 feet into the multicolored magma chamber of
It didn't take long before I was imaging myself staying there for a season, walking on Koltur's huge, overbearing hill and along the frothing swells of its coastline by day. A romantic dream, I guessed to myself. But then I remembered, that was what had brought me here in the first place.
Take a moment for a virtual Travel Tuesday escape to the Danish Faroe Islands. A serene haven of tranquil waters, green grass
The Herring War, a battle over Atlanto-Scandian Herring quotas, may be the first major international conflict directly attributed to anthropogenic global warming.
Honest Cooking Editor in Chief Kalle Bergman went to the Faroe Islands to feast on some of the best seafood in the world.