"Experts recommend that for safety sake, please fart into your elbow," cracked "The Late Show" host.
There was a distinct fart-like sound as Rep. Eric Swalwell spoke with Chris Matthews.
The Liberty Police Department in Missouri said no one was hurt by the blast.
The suspect allegedly told the man who complained about the gas attack that she was going to "gut" him.
In 1781, Benjamin Franklin wrote a satirical letter, purporting to be a proposal for a subject for European scientists to study. Franklin, an amateur scientist himself, was making a snide point about what he considered to be rather frivolous research by the Europeans.
Extreme smells, increasing gas frequency, and strange gas pains can alert you to conditions as mild as lactose intolerance
"I needed to fart, I had a bad stomach."
Beans, beans, the musical fruit. The more you eat, the more you toot.
Everyone loves a good dog video. They're always doing something cute or ridiculous, and quickly spreading across the internet. Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues' latest release is the apex of dog videos - the adorable drooling, farting star is a music icon in the making.
There's a common misconception by younger generations that getting older sucks. I am not going to lie, there are some physical challenges but aging today isn't like it was 50 to 100 years ago. We have many more choices than our mothers and grandmothers did.
Today in things you never knew you needed to know..
Usain Bolt has his work cut out for him.
Here's an aspect of being a zookeeper we hadn't thought through.
We think it's awkward during sex. Duh.