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Pom pom barrette, Forever 21 Knit headband, Missoni, at 3. Knit Headbands: The knit headband kicks the classic ladylike
While it can take a little work, it's no more time or effort than trying to shop the mall or stores. It can also be just as fun. Here's how...
One of the best holiday gifts is my family. I am blessed to have them be alive and well especially over Thanksgiving. Being
Finding out my mother secretly saved money every month from her paycheck for years and paid for my college education -- so
We were lucky enough to sit down with Maggie while she prepared to make her return to the runway and open one of the most highly anticipated shows of the season -- Michael Kors.
When it comes to accessories for spring, jewelry has continued to reign the roost.
But if there's one thing you can't deny when talking about Pharrell, it's his awesome fashion sense. If you didn't hear about
Sports bras that don't suffocate your boobs Sweaters that never snag Long dresses you can actually walk in Headbands that