Fashion law

There are some loopholes in the law and other extenuating circumstances that typically prevent legal action.
The defendants are making a new argument that artistic works that are the product of illegal conduct are not entitled to
Fashion may be the epitome of imagination and art but without fashion lawyers to help protect inimitable brands and original works, the industry cannot thrive and advance. Human creativity needs safeguarding.
The panacea to the counterfeit handbag dilemma is quite simple, and it does not involve lobbying for tougher laws, becoming a U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officer, or developing an anti-counterfeiting technology. Instead, an overhaul of the fake luxury handbag business begins with the consumer.
Seklir's heart sank. “It was like a Franken-version,” said 39-year-old designer, who founded her clothing company out of
Minnetonka Moccasins is accusing Target of knocking off its signature shoes. But the company has also been called out in