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"While we can’t rewrite the past, we can commit to a better future," the fashion magazine said. Style Editor Charles Manning, HuffPost Style Fashion Editor Michelle Persad and Associate Editor Chanel Parks join Caitlyn to discuss some surprising fashion and beauty tips.
Vogue’s Chloe Malle joins Caitlyn to give us some inside details on the 2015 Met Ball.
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Can Carly use style to pull off a Britney Spears-eque transition out of teen pop stardom? Peep the cover below and check
However, the French version of Elle magazine has found itself right smack in the middle of their own racially charged incident
There's something lost and something gained in every generation. I'd take autonomy and freedom of expression any day.
That Coco Chanel did not consider herself a feminist is well-documented, despite the fact that in some respects she could be considered a feminist icon: an impoverished-orphan-turned-female-business-mogul who redefined the attitudes of her generation and those to follow.