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In 2014 co-founders Roxanne Fequiere and Alley O'Shea launched a KickStarter campaign to fund a publication that "didn’t
Fashion is fun, creative and personal. But oh how easy it is to forget that, isn't it? Let's take a look at some of the most common ways to suck all the fun out of fashion, so we can try our best to avoid them in the future.
She likes her freckles, counting them and eagerly searching for more with me at the end of one of those long summer days. When she does this, I can't help but think of all of the time and agony I could have saved if only I counted the freckles instead of trying to scrub them away.
Though the theme is very feline, PUSS PUSS is at its core more about trends than treats. The magazine's "About" section on
In addition to showcasing beautiful, flowing costumes and garments, these figures also frequently exhibited references to contemporary pop culture and classic odes to literature and entertainment.
You're the fashion editor of the most-read women's magazine in the U.S. I may not be a huge fan of your content, but as your magazine goes, so goes, to a certain extent, the 18-to-34-year-old female nation. Trends are for everyone. So start one.
This isn't about shaming naturally thin women, it's about (1) calling out an industry that requires women to be unhealthy and then hides the harmful consequences and (2) acknowledging that even people who are a part of that industry don't necessarily have the power to change it.
With photographers like Irving Penn, models like Anne St. Marie and celebrities like Audrey Hepburn to bring them to life
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"January may be the traditional marker of a New Year, but for me September has always represented true change and hope."
WWD bluntly spelled it out further, calling Talley "a living embodiment of the limits of racial progress in fashion and media
Fashion is not an easy industry. Competitive, cut-throat and nonstop? Yes, yes and yes. Whether it be modeling, blogging, social media, magazines, sales... most likely, you're going to be underpaid, overworked, and in way above your head.
Every time we get the latest issue of a women's fashion magazine (be it Vogue, Elle or Cosmopolitan), we notice a distinct
I've harnessed my girls every day of my life since eighth grade. When I told my mother that Jackie Young had winked and asked me what I had in my gym-suit pocket, she said it was time for me to wear a bra.
WSJ. magazine has a new Deborah Needleman: Ruth Altchek, the editor of the Wall Street Journal's weekend section, Off Duty
As interest in vintage fashion magazines continues to soar, New York's cool crowd has descended on VFILES, the SoSo-based store where famed fashion magazine archivist Mike Gallagher has placed his pop-up store overflowing with vintage publications.
In a dreary month for fashion magazines, one title managed to buck the trend. The newsstand sales numbers for the March editions