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Twin sisters, May and Ruth Bell were noticed by a talent scout from Elite in 2012. The identical twins were shopping at a mall in Essex, England.
A model doesn't suddenly become immune to these issues when she turns 18, the age at which this new law would cease to be enforced. No, these are systemic problems within the fashion environment that persist throughout a model's career.
Times have changed since the 1950s -- and that's definitely a good thing. If fashion models of the 1950s could time travel to 2015, I have a feeling things would quickly get out of hand. Take a look...
Officials in France are pushing for a major change in the world capital of fashion.
She's crossed two oceans, shot with Lara Jade in Los Angeles, and graced the pages of French Revue de Modes in Paris -- all at the ripe old age of sixteen. The latest place this wunderkind has hung her hat? Seoul, South Korea.
"I’d rather experience life as it is right now," she says. "I love modeling; it’s a time for me to be completely open. It’s
I'd spent 12 years building a career as a model in NYC. Prior to that, I'd immigrated to the US from the Philippines. In between, I'd gone to Thailand for 2 major surgical procedures that transformed my body physically into what emotionally I'd known since I was 5 years old -- that I am a woman.
2013-01-18-TEDplayvideo.jpgThat's the funny thing about finding your courage, going after your dreams, and living your truth. It not only allows you to live your life from a fulfilling, authentic, on-purpose place but it lets others know that they can do the same for themselves.
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She's a model and a beauty pageant queen now. But she reveals that her life started out in a very different place. Don't miss Geena Rocero's powerful story about identity, gender and finding the courage to be your true self.
While we’re all just hoping we live a life of longevity, one supermodel is giving everyone a run for their money. Carmen
When you take a close look at the style world, it's not hard to think that perhaps more designers should have a similar moment
The fashion industry must commit to protecting young models, especially because our generation will be setting the precedents and standards for future workers in the industry.
What job were you most nervous for? The job I was most nervous for Interview magazine in New York, because it's Karl Templer
Take a look at a few of our favorite pics of Campbell working the runway like a, well, supermodel (shhhh). She’s been called
NEW YORK, Feb 6 (Reuters) - Fashion models in the United States launched a rights group on Monday ahead of New York Fashion
Tell me about your new beauty product line, and why you created it. Well, first the inspiration came from a question from
Check out the trailer for "In Time" below and catch a glimpse of Sasha around the 2:30 mark. WATCH: Among our fave fashion
We've heard that history repeats itself, but how about fashion ad campaigns? Between the styling, method of photography, storyline