fashion rules

The Duchess of Sussex pulled off combining black and navy blue with ease.
Moms are a well of wisdom. They've taught us how to write the perfect thank you note, have provided sage career advice ("Don't
5. They understand that the best closets are 70 percent meat and potatoes. It's always fun to buy trendy, statement pieces
10. Don't wear mom jeans. High-waisted jeans are actually super-flattering and can make legs look miles long. 7. Don't get
Which Diana looks might the exhibition feature? Between Elizabeth, Margaret and Diana, the collection, curated by Cassie
Since when can arbitrary national holidays dictate your wardrobe -- and even ban an entire color?
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For us regular folks, have we even heard of hemming? I'm short, so maybe I have an advantage. If I didn't hem most of my pants, I'd be wearing them as slippers.
Aren't friends supposed to provide love and acceptance? Who can we trust if our closest friends won't tell us the truth about how we look?
As the holidays approach, so do party invitations and the potentially confusing dress code requests. "The point of adding a dress code is so that everyone feels comfortable -- it puts everyone on the same playing field."
Our friends at BuzzFeed have taken a one of today's hot button issues and made it into an easy-to-understand flowchart. Now
Wearing an "inappropriate" outfit to the holiday party can be a career-limiting move. Suddenly, you've gone from capable and talented to... ahem... capable and talented.