Gilchrist quit the bars and other odd jobs. For the first time, he was a full-time artist. "Jim put me in these incredible
DAVID & PATRICIA WEBER, Caregiver & Stroke Survivor David and Patricia, who recently became "snow birds" retiring to Palm
His right arm remains compromised. He also battles aphasia, a condition that sometimes makes it hard for him to get words
When did it become that faster was equated with being better? Not only do we expect that we have to perform faster but we also know that it is going to cost us more and we are okay with that.
Ever heard the phrase "there's method in their madness"? Well, what is being referred to here, is something which looked absolutely crazy to start with, but that might actually not be such bad idea after all.
It will be able to detect and receive signals from outer space and help search for extraterrestrial intelligence.
Focus is about the what: what is your goal, what is your objective, what does success look like. Too often people are focused
The F.A.S.T. Song and World Stroke Day campaign are part of the American Stroke Association's Together to End Stroke initiative
One Friday, she was in the gym with a client when Catherine said a "really, really funny feeling" overcame her. She feared that her face was becoming numb. She told the client the session was over so she could figure out what was happening.
If you need a greater sense of communal misery beyond your usual circle during this hangry time, we turn to the only woman who can provide a voice of sanity and reason in crises like these: Amy Schumer.
Ramadan is a time to recharge our bodies, minds and souls. It's a time for spiritual rejuvenation. It's time to break habits and focus on improvement. And when you are fasting and giving up all physical and worldly temptations, you are in a mental state to take on spiritual challenges more than ever before.
Help the AHA/ASA close the gap in stroke awareness by increasing stroke knowledge across America. Make sure that you are equipped as a stroke hero to save someone's life in case of a stroke emergency. I wish I could have been there for my friend. Don't let it happen to someone you care about. Be ready!
While Dailey's wait for help was excruciating, it came quickly compared to those who don't immediately recognize the onset of stroke.
Dr. Hershaft founded the organization Farm Animal Rights Movement in 1976, and two years later began an annual one-day fast as part of World Day for Farmed Animals, to raise awareness about the immense suffering animals experience when raised and killed for food.
During this shoot, I was vaguely aware of a fairly strong present rumble. Probably some kind of motorized farm equipment
Ilana Alazzeh, Abbas Rattani, and Qasim Rashid join HuffPost Live to discuss how fasting during Ramadan affects their everyday lives.
Meet the brains behind Pasta Flyer, the new gluten-free pasta restaurant.
Let's face it: When you first wake up, the last thing you want to do is prepare a healthy feast for you and your family. But
Toss aside your thoughts of what a hybrid car should be. Beginning in 2014, automakers like Porsche, Ferrari and BMW will