“It still continues to be life-changing every time I do a shoot,” said Shoog McDaniel, who takes joyful pictures of nude models in nature.
President Donald Trump insulted a protester’s weight during a rally in New Hampshire.
Essential fatty acids support the body's basic functions. Here's what happens when you don't get enough.
Human breast milk contains a 1-2 ratio of fat to carbohydrates, suggesting some people may still be chasing the feeling it gave them.
Lots of fat people are healthy. Some fat people are unhealthy. All fat people deserve decency.
Women’s media is one of the worst offenders when it comes to making women feel terrible about themselves, and it often does so under a veneer of empowerment.
We know coconut oil is loaded with it, but what about the stuff we drink?
“Your body’s fat-burning ability peaks after you’ve been fasting for 12 to 14 hours.”
This is why. Is there a way out? Absolutely! The first step is to become aware of the situation and realize it's reversible
RG: Would you advise migraine patients to try a ketogenic diet? Di Lorenzo: There are not particular risks for patients who
How do you stay committed to your diet and weight loss goals when everyone else is piling the food on to their plates? The answer is mental toughness.
I never considered myself a geek until I picked up a new hobby: costume play, aka cosplay. It’s one of those things that
As recently reported in JAMA Internal Medicine, and subsequently just about every media outlet under the sun, the Sugar Research