fat acceptance

"I’ve been part of groups of voluptuous Lycra-clad women invading the beaches with our not-sorry fattery," the author writes.
"Stepping out and doing what you believe in is scary, especially when you know your ideas are not welcomed by the majority."
I have been prescribed weight loss as a treatment for everything from gallbladder disease to a shoulder injury.
Megan Crabbe, @Bodyposipanda "I stumbled into body positivity through my eating disorder recovery journey... and it changed
“It’s hard to believe someone like you actually exercises.”
I am forever wondering what's happening in the minds of the people around me. I also admit I am so guilty of the jealousy that comes from not being the skinny one in the room. It's not that I want to be YOU... it's just there's so many things I think you don't have to worry about.
I started writing about my body. My inbox filled with the hate of a thousand misogynistic men -- and at least a few dozen women who seemed less angry with my writing itself, more angry that they were fighting to attain a size that was supposed to make them happy, but didn't.
Do you know what happens when you make grand plans to take part in a boudoir photo shoot and share your photos with the world?
This messaging -- that unless you drop the baby weight, hide your stretch marks, tone up the loose skin, and meticulously maintain your vagina you are the worst kind of slacker -- is beyond demoralizing, it's downright dangerous.
By the buzz it has been receiving, you'd think something truly freaking legendary has happened when, in reality, a magazine
I want to live in a world where it's not radical for a woman to like her body. Where it's not brave for a woman to wear a bikini. Where it's not newsworthy to be fat and happy or fit or healthy. But, unfortunately we're not there yet.
Brands have, in recent years, begun to perpetuate the notion that the products they sell can help us love our bodies and, by a false equivalence, ourselves. Women shouldn't need makeup or lingerie to feel sexy. More importantly, they shouldn't need to feel sexy in the first place.
I'm also your worst nightmare. I'm the reason you diet. I'm the reason you go to the gym. I'm your "thinspiration"... because