fat cat

The 35-pound cat's caregivers are trying to be "bodypawsitive" as he begins his weight loss journey.
Fat Tuesday is Mardi Gras, a day of revelry, gluttony, intoxication and showers of shiny plastic beads. It is the party to
Surviving in the wild can be a challenge for pets who are accustomed to the luxuries of domestic life.
Jazz is making a comeback in New York City. Hipsters tip-tap their toes at joints like the Fat Cat and Iridium, taking in their grandparents' tunes. Nostalgia trends these days, and there's nothing like a wailing saxophone to put you in the mood.
What I don't understand are the people who have escaped the trenches, who no longer deal with the day-to-day insanity and haven't sat in a status meeting since 1998.
I have two cats. One's a bag of bones and the other's obese. I love them both, but there's a special place in my heart for the fat one. We understand each other.
A dog or cat at the proper weight should have an obvious waist, with ribs that are easily felt but not seen, according to
"One might think that a cat in water is cruel, how could you do that? But it really has made a huge difference in his health
Nothing is stopping this fat cat from getting inside by squeezing through the doggie door. And HEY! He's not fat, he's curvy
People trying to lose weight isn't exactly a laughing matter, but a cat attempting to drop a few pounds? Now, that's funny