fat discrimination

"I did my research. If I had to buy two seats, I would have."
Discriminating against people because of their weight is not limited to famous people in music videos. It's hard on everyday people who have had a lifetime of conditioning to not speak out and endured subtle and not so subtle insults.
This is my call for airlines to make their seats larger, so fat people can travel without experiencing shame, humiliation, or discomfort. Everyone deserves to fly without enduring these hardships and it's time that we start talking about it.
When I resided in a different body, I didn't know how different my life would be and how different I would feel about myself in a fat body.
While many women (and men) proudly call themselves fat, the fact remains that it's is a word with negative connotations. It's associated with laziness, lack of hygiene, stupidity and more.
If referring to someone as fat were the same as referring to someone as a brunette or tall or freckled, a woman's refusal to describe herself as such would be weird. But, collectively, we're not there yet. The word "fat" has power because the word "fat" has consequences.
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Fat discrimination and prejudice are everywhere -- at work, in dating situations, in media , in think tanks, in academia and on the street. It persists in part thanks to the myth that this type of bullying has an admirable purpose -- to shame people into losing weight.
it is safe to say that a fat woman who struggles with her weight and body image will not find vicious name-calling or cruel
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