I'm not arguing that what the Fat Jew has been accused of doing isn't wrong. Plagiarism is never okay. However, to those who say he is a talentless hack, you're only half right. So if you're looking to go after someone who is solely profiting off the ideas of others, take your pitchforks elsewhere.
It's simple. Rappers, movie stars, and disgustingly rich civilians with incredible access & privilege would put up photos of themselves doing awesome stuff, and use hashtag #blessed.
Rapper Ace Hood and Loud American A**hole The Fat Jew sit down and discuss waking up in a 1991 Honda Civic instead of a Bugatti, Japanese butt fetishes, his new album, instagram filters and whether Dora the Explorer will ever find what she's looking for. It's basically the best interview you've never seen.
Stalley's been so busy putting on for the 330 that he's missed out on some key life experiences. Luckily, cultural slumlord The Fat Jew sat down with the Ohio rapper for an especially Intimate Conversation.