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The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee will need the support of the party's progressive wing.
The artists took the stage for a vibrant performance at Powerhouse.
To be Asian-American today is to expect cultural appropriation -- and unabashed, openly celebrated Orientalism -- from a
"He's my angel and the reason for all my blessings."
When combing through the media outlets with a discerning eye, it becomes clear that despite our national obsession with reality shows, celebrity gossip and the ingestion of stories on war, poverty and climate change, there is a steadily growing yearning from the masses for more good in the world.
The hip-hop community has started to call out rappers for crossing the line with cheesy tech references. Vibe listed 10 artists
I had a chance to sit down with Rsonist of the group to ask how he got into music, what his thoughts are on technology breakthroughs in music, and where he feels hip-hop is headed.
The awards presentation continued with additional honorees including Beverly Johnson, who is celebrating the 40th anniversary
Fat Joe has turned himself in to jail to serve his four-month sentence for tax evasion, TMZ reported. The rapper, whose real
Aside from dropping their latest 16 bars for a hot track, various hip-hop MCs have been more conscious in recent years when