Officials say the death toll is expected to rise as rescuers continue to search for survivors.
The boy died while trapped in a van as authorities tried to find him.
Regardless of one's views on the Second Amendment, surely we can agree on basic steps given the overwhelming evidence about the lethal combination of domestic violence and firearms.
Overexertion or ergonomic injuries can come in many forms. Whether lifting heavy loads or spending too much time typing on
Doctors rarely cure diseases, he added. For the most part, they manage them. He told my students that being a good physician means helping patients navigate illness.
The question the Republicans who are fighting to restore the cuts to military pensions really need to answer is, what makes all of these other brave men and women who work for the government less deserving of good pay, great benefits and public adoration?
Wear your seatbelt, moron! Unless you want to die. Which you don't. OK. Yes. Of course, the above are the clearly obvious
Lamar McKay, chief executive of BP's Upstream unit and the former president and chairman of BP America at the time of the
By making it virtually impossible to be a young employee in agriculture, we drive the further exodus of youth from an agrarian way of life.
You will never see the PBS NewsHour listing any contractor among the periodic listings of those killed in Iraq or Afghanistan. Regardless of what you think of the utility of using PMSC such an attitude is just plain morally wrong.