father and son

I thought of all the years I wanted to have a father, but sadly he was not around. My childhood memories were void of his
A minute later, Dad's hand re-emerged to continue the cleaning. I squeezed off another drop, nailing the back of his hand
I stopped thinking about the sickly kid I had been a long time ago. Then my son was born with a heart defect, pulmonary atresia.
My parents taught me to be grateful, graceful, and obedient. At times I wasn't one or two of them. Okay... at times I wasn't all three of them. Over time, these values became easier to abide by and I'm grateful for the lessons.
To hear his story peppered with a sanguine outlook is a gift. Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with Chris before
I am also as fascinated by their relationship as I am by their paintings. Having two wonderful sons, the father and son bond
As a father, my mind is spinning. I'm thinking about being 12 years old and hearing the news of Columbine -- being shocked at this historic atrocity and wondering how this could ever happen. And, I am thinking about how my son will grow up with this scene as a normal state of living.
RISE host Cat Greenleaf visited famous Intellectual, Leon Wieseltier and his 13 year old blogger son in Washington DC to discuss how parents and kids struggle to find a balance between real life and screen time.
Is this a start to a Hallmark father/son relationship? The potent Gun Hill Road (2011) with Esai Morales as the ex-con pop
One of the things my dad did -- of which I'm eternally grateful -- was to implant the sports virus into my soul when I was 7 years old. The world of sports has given me lifelong friends, endless entertainment, a great way to exercise, many valuable lessons and a big chunk of my career. But most importantly, a cherished bond with my dad.