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It's time to have a heart-to-heart with your father.
Conclusion: The parenting role of the father to his daughter may be one of the most difficult and significant of human relationships.
"I hope fathers will see how important they are in their kids' lives."
In this video posted by Ricky Weems, his very talented 10-year-old daughter raps catchy lyrics about how much she loves hanging
So to all the single parents out there, this one's for you. "Becoming a single dad changed my life forever" Heitkamp says
Writing the perfect Father's Day card is easy. Writing what I want to say is not.
Shaped like my father by the American mythos that the past is something best left behind, I fled home as fast and as quickly as I could. But as Dickens so well knew, family ghosts have a way of haunting the present.
This week was a challenging one for dadmissions and daughter #1. She is 8 going on 18 and we just aren't seeing eye-to-eye.
Only glimmers of light showed through the hotel windows. "This will make a great story," Emma suggested gamely. Where had I brought my daughter, I worried, and how could I keep her safe?
I know there will be a time in the not-so-distant future when the prospect of carving out time for a no-moms-allowed day will seem a bit nonsensical. When I consider the fact that my dad traveled a total of five hours to spend approximately that much time together, I wonder if some would say that time has already passed.
Parents teach their kids many lessons, but at the same time, parents gain wisdom from their children.
I looked at her ballet slippers on a shelf -- the ones she wore when she was 3 of 4. When her biggest concerns were which book we'd read before bed. I felt old. Worthless. Uncertain. And pretty uncomfortable as I lay there in silence. Until she spoke three words.
Parents and stereotypes The researchers also found that women influence their kids about gender stereotypes. A mom's attitude