father daughter dance

They found a beautiful way to include their dad in the father-daughter dance.
Her mother's nearly 40-year-old gown fit the bride to a T. 👰
"We know we cannot replace Tim, but we can be there for his family."
From "U Can't Touch This" to "Gangnam Style" -- these two did it all.
The dance started out traditionally -- a slow number to Louis Armstrong' "What A Wonderful World." A few moments in, dad
I was looking through pictures of my wedding that was just eight short months ago and I am overcome with a sense of gratitude and love when I see your face in them.
Prior to his diagnosis, Augie was a pioneer in the fitness equipment industry and led an incredibly active life, even going
When you get older you will not want to dance with your dad. You will want to dance with other boys. Boys that I will never think are good enough for you.
Bride & Brother Surprise Guests During Tribute Dance from Brian Dooley on Vimeo. Watch more amazing wedding dance videos