From "U Can't Touch This" to "Gangnam Style" -- these two did it all.
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I was looking through pictures of my wedding that was just eight short months ago and I am overcome with a sense of gratitude and love when I see your face in them.
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When you get older you will not want to dance with your dad. You will want to dance with other boys. Boys that I will never think are good enough for you.
Jaclyn and Eric surprised everyone (including the film crew) when they burst into a well-rehearsed dance medley. Keep in
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Rachel Wolf's father/daughter dance on Saturday, July 20 was everything she hoped it would be -- the only thing missing was a groom to watch on. Her dad is losing his battle with terminal pancreatic cancer, but that didn't stop Rachel from making their wedding wish come true
In a "Today" show interview that aired Monday, the 25-year-old explained why she was playing bride: her dad is dying of pancreatic
The best boutonnieres Photo by: Brandon Wong Photography on Maharani Weddings via 6. Plan a special first dance
Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dads out there! The father of the bride plays a big role in some of most special Big
Weddings are a big day for the bride and groom, but they're also a big day for dads. What's more special than seeing your
Dads are always there for their girls when they need them most, so it's only fitting that they share a special dance on their