father-daughter relationships

"Eat this, and know your mother loves you," she cooed. By my second meatball, I had all but forgotten the boo boos. The message was clear: Food is love.
I thought of all the years I wanted to have a father, but sadly he was not around. My childhood memories were void of his
Although my heart aches from his absence, it also manages to smile whenever I think of the special times we shared. And we sure did have many of them.
My mind reeled and my feet were frozen to the promenade beneath me because I had no idea who she was. I should have known her instantly. She was one of Kylie's classmates and a friend since the first grade. Still, her name escaped me -- a fact that rocked me to my core.
At 80 years of age, my dad's had his share of hard knocks, from losing a son after a long battle with mental illness to supporting another adapt to life in a wheelchair. Yet while I'm clearly biased, I believe he's one of the most loving and lovable men you'd ever meet.
Without realizing it, travelling made me grow in a way that actually helped me prepare for this situation and gave me the tools I needed to cope better.
I still don't know how moms do it, but I have deeper appreciation for them now. Wives and mothers, if you want your partner to understand how it feels to be the default caretaker, convince your husband to take a trip with your child -- and without you.
When one is at the start of a long, twisted road that includes the potential mortality of their child, words simply cannot soothe. They can, however, aggravate. So I thought it might be helpful to look at some things that struck us the wrong way when we were facing our crisis.
Christmas is like a tumbler full of mirth at its finest. When family and friends come home to celebrate the cheer of the season, you drink to your heart's content and are filled by its warming sway. When you are hurting, the tumbler has a jagged edge.
3. Wake up when you wake up. Be it with the alarm or at 2 a.m. Don't fight it.
When a child is born, parents think they are getting a gift. Little do they know that they'll inevitably lose us at some point, in one way or another. Some parents end up estranged from their children. But for parents of daughters, that little girl they cradled in their arms eventually leaves home.
Every kid growing up in a South Asian household knows there is a certain four-letter word you shan't utter. No, it's not the f-word, and no it doesn't rhyme with hit. It's the l-word: love.
With Father's Day just around the corner and it being the season of summer weddings, I wanted to share some unique ideas on how to celebrate your dad on the "big day."
I thought the emotions would be the same the second time around. The immediate outpouring of love. And I did love her but it was somehow different.
Traditionally, fathers and daughters have struggled to regain the connection they shared when the girl was very young: the time of shoulder rides and tickle attacks. But fathers are learning to be role models for their daughters throughout adolescence and into adulthood.
When she was growing up, Emmy Award-winning news anchor Kara Sundlun never had the chance to know her father. Later in life
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The point of my visit is to give him a sense of family, to help him connect and feel less alone, yet from the moment I walk in, I'm guarded. Pleasant, but not warm. Interested, but not caring.
Through the years it got harder to go on such shopping excursions with my daughter and I got less and less knowledgeable about the options. Have you ever tried to navigate a women's lingerie department? Give it a try and let me know how you fare.
I open the envelope, the glossy pictures sticking to my fingers and to one another. The first one I don't recognize -- it's somewhere in the woods, but not my woods. The second one I don't recognize either -- it's cliffs and water, yellow flowers. Confusion crawls over me.