father of the bride

On giving up carbs, forgetting deodorant and taking being an introvert to a whole new level.
For those still dreaming of a Carrie Bradshaw wedding...
While you're worrying about sinking your heels into the grass, tripping over your cathedral-length veil, or your tears washing your mascara down your face as you walk down the aisle, your father is having his own internal dialogue.
Just in time for Father's Day (which also happens to fall right in the middle of wedding season), here are a few ideas for honoring Dad on your wedding day.
Never send an email that says "What do you charge?" or any other form of that question. Sure, you need to know the costs to see if you can even afford the vendor -- I get it. But you aren't picking up a pair of shoes here.
Often, producing a wedding feels similar to running a corporation--but with the added stress of emotion, of course. Now, most
H/T Daily Mail Butcher took voice lessons and logged many hours practicing at home in order to sing “Always On My Mind" -- a
A father about to give away his daughter's hand in marriage gave her the ultimate send-off. The father seems to bring the