While you're worrying about sinking your heels into the grass, tripping over your cathedral-length veil, or your tears washing your mascara down your face as you walk down the aisle, your father is having his own internal dialogue.
Just in time for Father's Day (which also happens to fall right in the middle of wedding season), here are a few ideas for honoring Dad on your wedding day.
Never send an email that says "What do you charge?" or any other form of that question. Sure, you need to know the costs to see if you can even afford the vendor -- I get it. But you aren't picking up a pair of shoes here.
First off, dad deserves to be educated on why it's important to throw a fabulous event. With family and friends quite possibly
Talk about dedication! "My wife Mel was in tears as she knew nothing about the performance and my daughter told me afterwards
Just as father and bride are about to begin their walk down the aisle, he launches into Edwin McCain's "Walk With You" and
Planning a wedding, though wonderful and romantic, can be a very straining process and there are some small things you as a parent can do to make things a little bit easier on the bride and groom.
"You're always too young to be sad. You deserve someone who makes you smile every single day." - Samantha Toscano, Associate
The problem is that even when it comes to planning a happy occasion like a wedding, it can be very difficult to take feelings and treat them like inanimate objects -- you can't just put them in a drawer or lock them away for a period of time.
And it is not just the moments of my daughter's memorable wedding weekend that I want to hold onto, but of her life with me, as her daddy, with my name part of hers, both of my hands in hers, my arms around her.
Dads are known for having their own brand of humor that is only occasionally funny to the rest of us. But every so often
In a "Today" show interview that aired Monday, the 25-year-old explained why she was playing bride: her dad is dying of pancreatic