Conclusion: The parenting role of the father to his daughter may be one of the most difficult and significant of human relationships.
Ten years ago, I had one question: Who was my father?
"He gave me the sense that I had value, that my ideas mattered."
I want to thank you for the times that you let me see you cry, so I could understand that when my friends told me that "boys don't cry," they weren't telling the truth.
This film has been greatly criticized for its deviation from the Biblical story. It's good to remember that it is not a documentary. It is a Hollywood film and, as such, a great piece of filmmaking.
In all of those 22 years, had I actually told him that I loved him? It shocked me to think that I hadn't, and after 8,034 days of being silent on the issue, I think it's time.
In truth, I wrote to the boys, life is impossible. People will leave. Love can fail. Your job may be a bore. But once you accept this then you can relish the rest of it. Here I'm sharing a few things that hold true for me.
Can the cycle of fatherless children be stopped? With Jay-Z's 12th album bringing to light the challenges of parenting never
Dad was pretty much raised by his mother, Lillian Bähler, after his father passed away when he was four years old. Charlie Bähler had contracted Typhoid, while breaking up a moonshine ring down in Arkansas.
Tune in to a special two-hour "Oprah's Lifeclass" with Roland Warren, Iyanla Vanzant and others to learn about the widespread
Don't put too much emphasis on buying your kid the latest 'cool' gift.
Upon hearing that our second child would be a boy, I walked out of the doctor's office, crossed 8th Avenue and stepped into a Mexican restaurant to drink something with tequila in it.
If you think the "sex" talk sounds uncomfortable, get ready. And if the "drugs and alcohol" talk makes your heart want to break, there's another doozy waiting out there.
"I think I just want to stay home tonight, Dad. You want to watch a movie here? Just you and me?" I went over to the couch he was lying on and felt my teenage son's forehead.
We have the power to shape another human being. That's a bit scary.
There is an old saying that a good father is better than a hundred schoolteachers, so if your father is a famous writer, then it only makes sense for him to impart wisdom from his own journey to his son or daughter who aspires to write.