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Through the fine acting and energy of the cast (particularly Barbagallo, who is on stage the entire running time) and the
As fathers we try so hard to relate to our teenage sons only to find we don't feel heard or appreciated. Some of us discuss
My nine-year-old son had a great time at the Paul McCartney concert my wife and I took him to see. It was full of flashing lights, pyrotechnics, psychedelic videos and familiar classics that we had listened to a lot together.
Mark Rubinstein's latest novel, The Lovers' Tango won the gold medal for popular fiction in the 2016 Benjamin Franklin Awards
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The Pocket Wife is a new novel by Susan Crawford. It is a story that mystifies while it entertains. The heroine of the story is a woman who is bipolar, and this disorder affects her memory as well as her ability to distinguish what is real and what is not.
A young Colorado boy received a postcard from his father who had been dead for nearly two years.
Do all sons want to be "better" than their fathers? Do all fathers want the same for their sons -- that they grow to be "better" -- or do they secretly, perhaps unconsciously, always want to be someone their sons can look up to in every which way?
Teaching lessons they never had to learn, fathers speak to their bi-racial sons about identity, perception, and dealing with
My son is, and has long been, a loser. This simple teenage truth became comically clear about this time last year and remains true to this day. The mystery also remains, "Why can't my son keep track of his things?"