fatherless children

I know that I have a partner and I never have to parent alone. My daughter's father not only takes care of her, he takes care of his family. Late nights and early mornings he tirelessly gives of himself without a word of complaint.
Another time my dad was going to have knee surgery the same exact day that report cards were being handed out. I could not
I cannot begin to describe the impact you have on my life. You are the blessings sent from the divine to wake me up. You are the little life tornadoes who never let me choose the easy way out of the pain. You are the epitome of forgiveness as I made mistake after mistake as a parent. You are the comic relief that comes just when I need it. And you are the reminder of how important the small, daily life events really are.
There is one number that is always mentioned in the discussion of black children born out of wedlock: 72 percent. Estimations
I began to think of my father as less of a ghost that haunted me and more as a flawed man that I wouldn't allow to hurt me any longer. It took time and patience, but I stuck with it. Then one day, I was actually able to say the words out loud and with nobody else around: 'I forgive you, father.'
Father and son continue to shout, airing their frustrations. Iyanla tries to intervene, but John picks up his notebook and
"'Do you even love me?'" he wonders, voice shaking. "Do you even like me?" The seemingly endless wait can shatter young sons
Cason and his son, Aveion Jr. reconnected for the first time in nine years on "Oprah's Lifeclass," and Aveion Jr. was able
"It was a challenge early on, but it was something that I learned through life and through sports -- perseverance," Smith
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