fathers day stories

"Honor thy father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise;" -Ephesians 6:2 Father's Day began as a religious
He may not be able to open up a card or present from me, so my gift to him is to use what he gave me. Each time I do, I feel like I am honoring his spirit, what he taught me, how he raised me, and how he lived.
When I was my son's current age, my dad took me to my first baseball game ever. It was a minor league baseball game, where the El Paso Diablos played the San Antonio Dodgers. Though I enjoyed the experience, I wondered what it all meant. I think I get it now.
Father's Day can be the most difficult time of the year for children who have lost their father - especially when Mom has moved on before the children are ready. Many fans of the SecretRegrets.com project have anonymously confessed their regrets about dealing with the loss of a father.
"I'm getting all these messages and attention because of your blogs," he said with conviction. Personally I think it's because of his big heart but, for once I didn't argue with him.
When I was young, on the weekend my father would shake my feet to wake me up and then do the same to my older sister, Eva. He would happily say, "Wake up; I want to go out and play today."
Jolie-Pitt's message in South Africa is important: That women's advancement does not have to happen despite men, it has to happen alongside men.
I have become a memory hoarder, but I wish I could remember more things to thank you for on Father's Day.
My parents liked to think of our family as "bent," more "Fractured Fairy Tales" than Disney. We couldn't bear to do things the way normal people -- or at least people who seemed normal -- did.