father's rights

It has been three years. Three years and thousands of dollars in legal fees. Three precious years in the life of a little boy.
Paternity is a major problem area in family courts, whether you are talking about issues pertaining to fraud or biological fathers obstructed from having a relationship with their children. Unfortunately, there is little being done to fix these matters.
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Through the first half of 2015, there has been a strong push across the country to implement more balanced child custody laws that would lead to more equal parenting time following divorce.
Here are three key ways to achieve a child custody settlement with your former spouse that respects your child's relationships with both of you.
Two days before my mother died from cancer she asked, "You won't be contacting your father, will you?" They had been divorced 37 years but their animosity toward each other never waned. "Really? This isn't important right now mom."
When you go before the judge, what is fair and just sometimes does not translate through the law.
Little Lincoln has come to stand for the ways in which culture and technology have outpaced the law -- and is a reminder
There is another story we must tell in this complicated scenario: the positive one where a father who abandons his children does not have the power to annihilate their futures.
While our society has mostly embraced women in the workplace, it continues to place the majority of the parenting role on the mothers. This is particularly true after a divorce, making it essential that divorcing moms get the best possible settlements for the future of their families.
The Uniform Parentage Act governs the determination of parentage of children who are born of parents that are not married.
During divorce proceedings, the level of past parental involvement is the most critical factor in determining both the level of access that each spouse will receive and the amount of child support that will be provided, if any.
The proponents of safe havens and Baby Boxes most effectively answer criticism by saying their approach is worthwhile even if it saves just one baby's life. I have an alternative suggestion: Let's aim higher.
Host Abby Huntsman and Frost continued the discussion along with divorced father Craig Daliessio, Ed Housewright, a blogger
There is one presumption that seems to be missing from the body of legal presumptions in family law: the presumption that equal custody timesharing is appropriate for children involved in divorce and paternity custody disputes.
This bias against unmarried fathers is a growing concern as the changing dynamic of families means more couples eschew marriage in favor of cohabitation.
Before we luxuriate too comfortably in the Hallmark happy ending of the Goldman father-son reunion, let us not forget that in custody battles, fathers are routinely treated as second-class citizens.
There seems to exist a double-standard in the minds of many women caught in the midst of a divorce which makes me wonder, why the battle for equal rights?