And we’re on the verge of doing just that, says Yuval Noah Harari.
Exploring the styles and techniques behind the art of the tag.
After the initial novelty had worn off, most students continued to thrive in their newfound ability to do their own thinking
Beautiful thoughts cost nothing and they are privilege of the poor. Beautiful thoughts of poor dreamers are absolutely indispensable to a social stability.
A newly reinvigorated Marco Rubio took Donald Trump to task on Trump's dismal business record at the Super Tuesday Republican debate. How did he do it? With Mitt Romney secretly leading the way.
On the Mulligan Calendar "The Shining is my favorite movie of all time. It's just an astounding work of art. I've workshopped
Organist Paul Jacobs and soprano Christine Brewer come to San Francisco's Davies Hall on Sunday afternoon, October 18 to present works from their recording, Divine Redeemer, released last month on the Naxos label.
The financial press has become inundated with the word "austerity." Since Greece's left-wing Syriza proclaimed an "anti-austerity revolution," strong adjectives, like "incredibly savage," precede that overused word.
In the last six years the exceptionally influential Wall Street firm, Goldman Sachs, has been reported to engage in business practices that would appear to be strongly at odds with the professed values of Harvard and just about any other not-for-profit university or college.
"It's just amazing that these artists can put their time, their money, and their talent into something that is just coming