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The region is divided over a movement to breakaway from Spain.
...but there was no way through the 2nd string Barcelona defense.. Upon being given the list of Barcelona’s 10 substitutions
"I'm never making a bet again," said Mayor Charles Dayot.
Like most people of my generation from the Netherlands, my life is closely associated with that of Johan Cruyff, the Dutch football icon who died Thursday at the age of 68. Wherever I would go around the world, people would bring up "Kroif".
Political movements carry an importance that is independent of sport, however much sport happens to entangle itself in those movements; and merely because it is predictable that this occurs does not necessarily make it acceptable.
You may not be Suarez's biggest fan, but after watching this video, you'll admit that what he did was incredibly moving. In
Recent soccer-related racism highlights European nations' tortured transition from ethnically relatively homogeneous to multicultural immigration societies amid a resurgence of entrenched racial, including anti-Semitic, attitudes that flourish in times of economic crisis and are not limited to Muslim communities.
Unlike years past, however, this Brazil side lacks a gamut of stars that have made their mark in European competition in the vein of Romario, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho or Kaka.
His accomplishments, both individual and with teams, speak for themselves. There is one thing, however, that Maradona still holds over Messi.
Barcelona's pedigree has taken a hit. The caliber of the Catalans has suffered. Luis Enrique's hire is meant to stop the bleeding, restore confidence and return the club to its rightful place -- and not just back on top of La Liga.
A few minutes later Messi, unmarked seven yards out, missed a great chance when he headed Dani Alves' cross just wide. Adrian
We're reaching never-before-seen levels of ridiculousness in the advertising industry, people: Tech giant Intel has shelled
"I apologize if you were upset by my light-hearted answer at a private event on Friday," he wrote to Ronaldo on Twitter. And
On Sunday, Valdes lifted FC Barcelona over Malaga thanks to a pair of key saves in the 90th minute. After a long cross from
You will laugh at this prognostication now, but pull this article up in ten years, and I will be the Amazing Creskin and Nostradamus, on his better days: The NFL will be the No. 2 league in American sports. World football will rule.