These developments are helping to foster greater corporate responsibility in a range of areas, including environmental, tax
A few years later, Kevin Abikoff was providing legal advice to the shady company.
Unaoil relied on both banks as it cut deals with corrupt regimes.
While KBR was being investigated for bribery in Nigeria, it was partnering with a company that bribed officials in Kazakhstan.
Here's the enforcement landscape that companies involved in corruption with Unaoil will face.
Bribery fuels political instability -- and it's a propaganda tool for terrorists.
The playing field of transnational efforts against corruption is becoming more aggressive and arguably more effective judging by the number of high-profile multi-jurisdictional prosecutions or investigations of key players.
The Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) invested up to $1 billion in funds run by all the firms under scrutiny except Blackstone
(Adds context on company's comment) GSK, which has not yet been subpoenaed on the China case, has said some of its senior