Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Even in progressive films, realistic representation of people in recovery Is missing.
Like most Midwestern college students, I wasn't encouraged to read Hunter S. Thompson in high school (something about making drugs look too fun.) So I discovered him through the guys who already had several of Thompson's books, as well as "Gonzo fist" tattoos and their own cigarette holders.
We've rounded up a handful of trippy drug scenes that can accompany the herbal remedies you enjoy on Easter Sunday (or 4
And you thought it was crazy when Michael Bay only had an average of 2.7 seconds between cuts in "Armageddon"! Up Fear and
While the café was transforming into a bar, a nuclear testing site was being built by the U.S. Army a mere 50 miles away. In this age of innocence it quickly became vogue to grab an "Atomic Cocktail" and climb a ladder to the café's roof to watch for mushroom clouds on the horizon.
Michael Cera and Gaby Hoffmann, the stars of the new drug-fest "Crystal Fairy," went above and beyond Method acting, having
Johnny Depp made a name for himself by playing eccentric characters, each more interesting than the last. Lately he's exchanged that legacy for one that's saturated in populist fare and dull executions. What happened to the old Johnny Depp?
You may remember Speedrun aka 1A4 Studio for their spot on animated retelling of Back to the Future. They have recently released
Sure, it's not that shocking that a few of these famous writers and actors dropped acid back in the day. But we were surprised
The Rum Diary is like a lengthy drinking binge of a movie: It's fun for a while, seems to offer more meaning than it actually does -- and leaves you wishing it hadn't ended so badly.
This week, we asked Huffington Post readers to let us know what book characters they would love to be best friends with. While
Perhaps no more honest portrayal of the drug culture has been improved upon since Thompson's masterpiece, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, hit the streets in late 1971.
Why do so many Americans turn up their nose at Vegas, while we foreigners can't get enough of it? For a start, Americans' familiarity with Vegas has matured into the mother of contempt.
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