Fearless Girl

The Fearless Girl will now call the front of the New York Stock Exchange her permanent home.
“Now, instead of staring down the bull, she’s going to be staring down all of business."
The firm behind the statue is paying millions to settle claims that it underpaid female executives.
Alex Gardega asserts that he’s pro-feminism, in spite of his dogged antics.
Recent events show just how threatened some men are by women.
“Wall Street is a traditionally male environment and it says, ‘Hey, we’re here.'"
Despite having to beg for survival, despite being constantly teased and taunted by men and women who say surfing is inappropriate for girls, despite living in a country where 2 million children suffer acute malnutrition, Nassima, at just 14, had managed to beat all the local boys in an annual surf contest.