She scoffed at the president's morphing concrete barrier and lashed him for "fear mongering" over immigrants.
The "Fox & Friends" host said former president Barack Obama is fearmongering just like Trump is accused of doing.
"Trump knows the only way that they can energize their base is through fear."
Imagine you were going in for a routine operation, and the surgeon said, "Well, we could do this the way we've always done
Commenting on the negative response from veterans, Norton campaign spokeswoman Cinamon Watson told the Denver Post, "The
Don't be surprised if the spike in violence that came in advance of Iraqi Day of National Sovereignty continues. And don't be surprised if here at home, the right-wing goes on the attack with its favorite weapon, fear.
In his ongoing efforts to treat the American public as they have rarely been treated -- that is, as adults -- Obama pointed out several rational things.