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Except that now, in spite of myself, I remember that the first day I saw him he was wearing a navy blue blazer. Funny, that
"We're almost there," he said lighting a cigarette. Suddenly I felt old and tired. Our train was four hours late. Only a
The service led off with a prayer and short bio of Fitz's life. Then the pastor paused and unfolded a paper, "Private Fitzpatrick's
Sunrise is the most beautiful part of the day. First light. Don't matter if there are colors like a picture postcard or it's gray as water in a greasy sink. The darkness still fades. The light begins. Makes you feel alive like nothing else.
I shouldn't read her diary, but it helps me to understand her better. What she likes and what she dislikes and how she feels
I begin drilling the lock with my small electric drill. Pretty soon I'm in, I've studied this door, and this brand and model
On my left sat another college student, who looked even more out of place than I did. Classic hippie, complete with shoulder
He winced in discomfort as he tried to angle his body toward Manny. "Men aren't supposed to hit women. Men are supposed to
He lived in University Heights, a decent sounding place, Buffalo being one big college town. Having never taken the bus to
You wince. You dread this question though she probably asks it of everyone, and though you have two ready-made answers. You
"Yes, sorry, Yvonne. The list of prospective foster parents wanting younger children is and always will be longer than the
*** A rattle snake coils and hisses beside the front wheel. He slams the door shut. "I'll be all right," Abe says. "I think
"Well, what if you're wrong and she lives? They'll kick her out of the program." Suddenly, Heifer unbent from the fountain
Interestingly, so do the candidates in my dating pool. As my female counterparts keep conceding in confusion, I am leading
"There're more. I can't think of them all now. There's the electric body. It practically glows in the dark - and I can't
"I know there has been a lot of speculation. Some people aren't going to like what we are doing but hopefully they will see
"A friend of yours?" she asked grinning. He put the two parcels in the car and slid in after them. He laughed. "From the
That shadow, he starts to say. His mouth is open, but the words don't come out. His hand is on her arm. He doesn't remember
In fact, the next morning I felt worse, but still not like I thought I should, given the size of the snake and what I knew
Cindy looks at me and runs her tongue across the joint for seal and gives me an exaggerated wink and then laughs and I turn