fecal transplant

It was one of the grossest decisions I ever made -- but also one of the best.
Companies are trying to take the "ick" factor out of fecal transplants.
Let's make potentially life-saving fecal transplants an option for all patients.
While preliminary, a new study suggests targeting gut bacteria may hold promise.
This may explain why obesity runs in families.
It's a clean, fast and effective medical procedure.
One of the most interesting fields of study today is the gut-brain axis, a burgeoning topic with vast implications that we are now, for the first time, starting to appreciate.
“Some people do just fine with the antibiotic treatment,” said McDonald during the briefing. “But it is a problem that we’re
"Numerous reports have shown that FMT is effective in treating active C. difficile infection and preventing recurrences in
Even though greater access to mass DNA sequencing technology and the emergence of bioinformatics has given us the ability to study the four pounds of microorganisms that make up the microbiome in greater detail, there's still much more that we can learn about the body's "unsung organ."