New Jersey mother Nassly Sales said she was shocked to see diapers covered in what appeared to be fecal matter when she opened her Amazon package.
"I bought a plane ticket and you made me sit and fester in dog feces for two hours. Shame on you," Matthew Meehan told Delta Air Lines.
The Canadian woman claims the feces shower, believed to have come from a passing aircraft, left her with conjunctivitis in both eyes.
It was one of the grossest decisions I ever made -- but also one of the best.
One community member said there'd been at least eight deposits of evidence in the last few months.
Like love, poop, actually, is everywhere. This was a finding I discovered while interviewing New York University pathologist Philip Tierno about the merits of toilet paper.
Altering our gut bacteria with fecal transplants could one day help treat everything from infections to obesity.
The broken toilet is the future frontier of prisoner abuse. Allowing an inmate to exist with a broken or dirty one is easy; the only evidence of it is the inmate's self-report, an account that will be discredited.
There are people who don't like talk about their bowel movements and others who go on about their diarrhea and constipation
You can talk nostalgically about a child's first words, whether it's "mama" or "cookie," but BM is one of the first acronyms many people will ever remember hearing. BMs are a source of curiosity and pride and undoubtedly some of the interest may derive from the way in which they mimic the birthing process.