Federal Assault Weapons Ban

A bill prohibiting sale or possession of the firearms was introduced months ago. It's co-sponsored by 200 Democrats.
The former vice president helped get assault weapons banned in 1994. He'll do it again if elected president, he wrote in The New York Times.
Clinton's opinion piece on his 1994 ban comes on the heels of three mass shootings across the U.S.
Jewish students and leaders are urging Congress to ban the sale and purchase of weapons like the AR-15 assault rifle after the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.
The Vermont senator reiterates his call for an assault weapons ban while defending his record on other gun control issues.
It's worth asking whether the assault weapons ban, which was in effect during the Columbine High School massacre, actually worked. Analysis of 108 shootings showed that the ban was successful, and such mass shootings have dramatically increased since the ban expired.
Kroeker has been joined by several other GOP legislators in backing the bill, which could pass Wyoming's strongly pro-Second
Gov. Martin O'Malley predicted that Maryland will ban assault weapons during the General Assembly session that began Wednesday
Before critics of the NRA dismiss the idea of armed security personnel in schools, they should be careful not to fall prey to the same reflexive, fanatical thinking of which they accuse staunch opponents.
We need leadership for sensible restrictions on guns and we need to get to the root causes of violence in our society. I
"Guns aren't the issue. Look at Israel. They've got lots of guns and little gun-related violence." There's only one problem with this argument: It's not true. So the next time someone tells you that, "Israel shows we don't need gun control," here's what to tell them.
The Sandy Hook shootings have struck such a deep chord because all parents can imagine the horror of losing a child. This same anguish is experienced all too often by parents in communities throughout Los Angeles.
This middle-ground position has helped Manchin emerge as a potentially influential go-between for the White House and the
Recent efforts at the state level in Illinois and federal level to ban assault weapons have both failed to gain much traction
Instead of pushing for controversial legislation with a name that polls well with the American public, we need to start looking a policies that will substantially reduce crime.
As I think about the thousands of youthful victims of gun violence, I'm concerned that we're not hearing enough from the candidates for public office at all levels about what they will do to protect our children.
At a time when we confront six separate multiple murders across the country in just the first two weeks of February, the nation is faced with a critical choice.