Federal Budget

The CNN host couldn’t get over the education secretary’s “epic non-response” to questions about cutting money for the Special Olympics.
He threatened for months that he would veto the measure if it didn’t fund his main campaign promise.
The president has been lashing out about his pet project since he failed to get both Mexico and Congress to pay for it.
A federal budget of the type that has been proposed will put millions of Americans at risk.
The administration suggests cutting rural development programs.
The secretary told his staff he'd seek "the whole enchilada." Now he's happy with "our core mission."
House GOP "A Better Way" Tax Cuts Would Overwhelmingly Benefit Top 1 Percent While Sharply Expanding Deficits Cut Medicaid
The NEH's programs impact people locally and personally. Those who support the humanities must not allow our fellow Americans
Not all, but much of what happens to us when our health breaks down is self-inflicted. We need a health insurance system that puts more responsibility on patients for their own health and their health care.
The FOMC is scheduled to commence its two-day meeting on November 1-2, 2016, and it seems like Fed officials are still unsure about its interest rate policy. Some Fed officials have a strong stance that rates should be raised in November, while others are still reluctant.