federal contractors

Republican leaders don't want to repay federal contract employees who missed wages during the shutdown.
It would have let government contractors fire LGBTQ employees in the name of religious liberty.
Why do people keep claiming "religious freedom" as a reason to discriminate?
For too long, many corporations have taken a cavalier attitude to worker safety, but when these corporations are federal contractors paid by U.S. taxpayers, the public demands a special level of accountability.
Americans of every stripe know money corrodes our politics. In a poll last year, the New York Times and CBS found that 85 percent of us think the system for funding political campaigns should be fundamentally changed or completely rebuilt.
The presidential hopeful spoke to low-wage workers protesting outside the U.S. Capitol. "You are having a profound impact," he said.
This October, it is time we recognize the intersection of domestic violence and work-life issues. An effective national policy on domestic violence must understand the impact this epidemic has on the workplace, including the problems for both employees and employers, some of which result from the structure of the workplace itself.
President Barack Obama signed an executive order on Labor Day requiring that federal contractors provide their employees with paid sick leave, the latest in a string of executive actions aimed at raising the bar in the U.S. workplace.
Federal contractors will have to offer employees up to seven days of leave per year.
In 2013, a U.S. Senate committee exposed the fact that too many federal contractors are violating federal wage laws and health and safety standards, yet continue to profit off of U.S. taxpayers with repeat contracts.
The issue is emerging as a fault line among Democratic presidential candidates.
In 2010, the high court's ruling in the case Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission cleared the way for unlimited
Americans know the ugly truth about money in politics. Though the wealthy conceal payoffs through dark money deposits into political pockets, it's no secret to the American public that the rich are buying the government.