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"There’s just no getting around the fact that Keystone XL would devastate communities, wildlife, and clean drinking water,” one group said.
Like his administration, Trump's group of confirmed judicial nominees is severely lacking in diversity.
For all the lifetime circuit judges he’s confirming ― and it’s a lot ― he isn’t replacing that many Democratic appointees.
Senators also can't believe that the judicial branch, largely run by powerful men, has Me Too troubles. Really?
Daniels filed a suit on Monday, claiming that Cohen meant to convey that the porn star "is a liar, someone who should not be trusted."
The decision leaves in place a congressional map issued by the state Supreme Court in February intended to remedy gerrymandering in the commonwealth.
He's nominated 87 people to be lifetime federal judges. They're about as diverse as a casting call for “Mad Men.”
The White House plan to scrap DACA isn’t going well in federal court.
Sales of Biktarvy are expected to be about $1 billion this year.
At least 15 women have said Judge Alex Kozinski groped them, made inappropriate sexual comments, and/or showed them pornography.