federal courts

He's also brought badly needed diversity to the nation’s courts. But he may have to play hardball with Republicans to keep this up.
Trump's push to have the election called on Nov. 3 would disregard multiple states' rules that allow ballots to be counted after election night.
The long-running case seeks to hold accountable a military contractor blamed for egregious abuses.
Ali Hamza Ahmad al Bahlul had been convicted of conspiracy to commit war crimes.
You can't be prosecuted for uploading a selfie while you cast your vote.
A federal judge ordered the state to read its artificial insemination rules in "gender-neutral terms."
Appointed in the apex of the civil rights era, Damon Keith gave his own court a haunting reminder of a history he knows well.
Missouri can’t keep secret the names of those who provide it with pentobarbital, a deadly anesthetic.
An appeals court rejected a softening device that would've made it easier for people without a voter card.
A Rhode Island city that counts inmates, but doesn't represent them, violates the "one person, one vote" principle.