Federal crime in the United States

Some supporters facing federal charges suggested they took orders from the then-president when they stormed the Capitol.
"How much more egregious, unjust, unfair, inappropriate does a presidential pardon get?" asked former assistant U.S. attorney Glenn Kirschner.
One of the world's most infamous corrupt lobbyists was charged in yet another corrupt lobbying scheme.
The PACT Act, which Trump signed after it passed Congress with unanimous support, builds on an earlier law against "crush videos."
The disgraced R&B singer and accused serial sexual abuser was indicted Friday on 18 federal charges, after also facing numerous state charges.
Chair Robin Hayes is facing federal charges for the campaign contribution scheme.
A grand jury issued a 44-count indictment that charges him with murder and hate crimes after he killed 11 people at the Tree of Life synagogue.
Two men in a U-Haul truck seized the guns after they had been shipped from a factory in North Carolina.
"Presidents have used this power sparingly, largely to do justice, rather than subvert it," Eric Schneiderman writes.
Donald Trump Jr.’s email communication and subsequent meeting with a lawyer connected to the Russian government constitute