federal election commission

Colorado has very strict disclosure laws around political text messaging campaigns.
Biden’s campaign seems to be distancing the presumptive Democratic nominee from the disgraced comedian.
Weakened campaign finance laws mean that the former candidate has few limits on how he can help his erstwhile opponent.
Cuellar is facing a tough primary campaign from progressive immigration lawyer Jessica Cisneros.
As the Democratic presidential primaries begin, it's a reminder that campaign finance rules can be very murky.
The Massachusetts senator's comments came after the billionaire was allowed to delay disclosure of his finances until after the early primary states vote.
The Federal Election Commission gave the billionaire businessman a 45-day extension to file his financial disclosure forms.
“I can’t think of a better place for it to go than a place I helped found where kids can go and sled," the former interior secretary said.
The former governor of Rhode Island mounted a short-lived run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2015.
When the president holds a fundraiser at one of his properties, he gets donations while his business collects money for rent and catering.