federal election commission

Boebert's Federal Election Commission filing lists the Colorado lawmaker as a candidate for Congress in Utah.
The nine-term lawmaker is accused of trying to conceal information about money funneled to his campaign by a Nigerian billionaire.
More than 100 businesses and three dozen individuals accepted $21 million from his political committees after the Jan. 6 insurrection, according to the FEC.
“We should not have to sue the FEC repeatedly to make it do its job,” said a director of Campaign Legal Center Action.
The Federal Election Commission said the tabloid "knowingly and willfully" broke the law when it bought model Karen McDougal's story.
Trump raised some $76 million after the election under false pretenses, and FEC rules will let him wait until July to say how he's spending it.
The "United to Win" committee will raise money for the Republican National Committee and the GOP's two congressional committees.
Did the candidate really put in enough miles to circumnavigate the world one and a half times?
A complaint to the Federal Election Commission claims American Made Media Consultants shields the identities of fund recipients.
Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington said Trump's chief of staff likely violated campaign finance rules by using the money on personal expenses.
The singer, 36, and legendary music producer, 70, tied the knot last year.
The president suggested he would not transfer power peacefully unless mail-in votes are removed from the process.
Extra care will need to be taken amid the added challenge of COVID-19 to "ensure that everyone's vote counts," said Ellen Weintraub.
"Bingo, donors' money becomes Trump's private money," said Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold.
Colorado has very strict disclosure laws around political text messaging campaigns.
Biden’s campaign seems to be distancing the presumptive Democratic nominee from the disgraced comedian.
Weakened campaign finance laws mean that the former candidate has few limits on how he can help his erstwhile opponent.
Cuellar is facing a tough primary campaign from progressive immigration lawyer Jessica Cisneros.
As the Democratic presidential primaries begin, it's a reminder that campaign finance rules can be very murky.
The Massachusetts senator's comments came after the billionaire was allowed to delay disclosure of his finances until after the early primary states vote.