Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

“When you guys edit you really edit.......lol,” a Colorado state senator wrote after the Consumer Energy Alliance revised an op-ed he co-authored.
The move was a blow to Energy Secretary Rick Perry.
Favoring fossil fuel incumbents over their clean energy competitors is not deregulation.
Government handouts for coal, oil and gas dwarf those for wind and solar.
Late Wednesday, Trump’s Secretary of Energy Rick Perry released a controversial grid report in an effort to pressure market
Robert Powelson, the newly-confirmed member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, wasn’t clear who he was referring
We need to stop defeating pipelines, wells, and mines and make them obsolete instead.
When our group of pipeline opponents goes to Washington this week to call on senators to reject Donald Trump’s nominees to
The Commission never factors into its decisions any climate impacts.
The deconstruction of the administrative state is underway. But expect Senate Republicans to push back.