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A North Carolina group home says federal law could hurt foster kids with nowhere else to go.
Several new surveys show that President Donald Trump is viewed as the main cause of the partial government shutdown, and that most Americans disagree with his claims that there’s an immigration crisis on the southern border.
President Donald Trump visited troops in Iraq for the first time during his presidency.
As the government shutdown continues, the white house says President Trump would accept less money for a border wall.
Previous shutdowns hampered city services, and local leaders have decided that's pretty stupid.
California’s massive wildfires have devastated marijuana farms whose growers cannot buy crop insurance.
As a Muslim woman who works for the federal government, Ayana Fakhir can’t ignore that some of Donald Trump’s policies are seemingly against Islam.
Congressional negotiators reach a deal to fund the federal government through September, avoiding a shutdown. Democrats won several key concessions, including no allocation of money for Trump’s long-promised border wall.
On his first full working day at the White house, Trump signed an executive order to halt hiring for new and existing federal
Pipelines: This week the President took executive action to expedite approval of two high profile pipelines: The Keystone
Dear President-elect Trump, In less than 24 hours you will stand on the steps of the Capitol and take an oath to become the
Eight years ago, when our kids were 7, 4 and 1, their dad started work in the West Wing of the White House. They are now
President-elect Donald Trump's decision to name conservative budget hawk Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.) to be director of the
The scene is set for a push-and-pull that includes many factors, such as funding, to determine what a local response may look like for different policy areas.
Here's Donald Trump's tremendous plan for managing the federal government's workforce if he's elected president: Donald Trump
None of these hearings have resulted in any meaningful action for the program. Instead, they are exercises in futility, operating on misconceptions and perpetuating stereotypes.
With the U.S. at the epicenter of global technological innovation, the strategy should be a clear and obvious choice.
But the real game changer was the year of 1979 - this is when pension fund managers got permission to invest up to 10% of
The next call came in 11 minutes later. Then 15 minutes.Then four. As news of the attacks spread, the number of people unable