Federal government of the United States

The government shutdown earlier this year probably would have been worse otherwise.
More than 60 boxes of documents from an investigation into violations at Rocky Flats, a former nuclear weapons plant, have gone missing.
William Perry Pendley argued that the "Founding Fathers intended all lands owned by the federal government to be sold."
The decision by a three-judge panel keeps alive a batch of executive orders that unions have been fighting.
With a hand from political appointees, agencies are chipping away at federal union contracts at the bargaining table.
More bad news for middle America after corporate taxes were slashed.
With a spending bill likely headed to his desk, the president has to decide how badly he wants to stick it to government workers.
And they've given us the most dangerous and incompetent president in American history.
It might be illegal for landlords to evict tenants because the government hasn't paid rent subsidies, but they might try it anyway.
The drop in business at the Parsnipity Cafe in Wichita shows the damage being done beyond Washington.
Arizona, South Dakota, Tennessee and Utah didn’t get reimbursed for using their own money to keep national parks open during a 2-week shutdown in 2013.
Does Donald Trump want a border wall badly enough to let struggling Americans go hungry?
In the middle of a government shutdown, Trump ordered that federal worker pay not be increased for 2019.
It's just one way regular people will feel the effects of the shutdown.
As of Wednesday morning, remaining employees dwindled down to a mere 5 percent.
Resolving the impasse seems unlikely before Thursday, when the House and Senate return.
"Even the most powerful government in the world must follow the rules," a supporter of the plaintiffs said.
Working at the gentlemen's club was one of a few things the 56-year-old did for work.
The legislation calls for roughly $8 billion in federal investment over five years.
Two men in a U-Haul truck seized the guns after they had been shipped from a factory in North Carolina.