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Housing law prohibits landlords from discriminating against renters with disabilities, and experts say having COVID-19 qualifies.
Foreclosures and evictions would stop only for single-family homes with loans through the FHA, according to a new Trump administration proposal.
The Department of Housing and Urban Development secretary was stumped by questions from House Financial Services Committee members on Tuesday.
America loves to extend unconditional forgiveness to racists, and it's going to be our downfall.
Supporting local schools makes good business sense Across this land, many affordable multifamily developers are giving up
The St. Louis area is heavily segregated, and the reason why is no secret.
"It’s kind of insane we run our largest insurance company this way," said a former housing official.
The president's sixth State of the Union address to Congress last night was heavy on the actions our country should take to build on the progress that American families have made over the past two years, thanks to a recovering economy.
Mortgage subsidies through federal agencies are the modern-day version of the Homestead Act. But unlike the land grants of the 19th century, government loan subsidies have proven to be a rather bad idea.
This settlement sends a strong message that banks that prey on customers and investors will be held accountable. I will continue to investigate financial institutions that bend the rules for their own benefit, and pursue equal justice for all New York families.
(Reuters) - Bank of America Corp said on Tuesday that federal investigators are looking into whether the bank violated certain
Reverse mortgages have become increasingly popular in recent years, as cash-strapped seniors seek ways to keep pace with rising expenses -- not to mention cope with the pummeling their retirement savings took during the Great Recession.
Homeownership remains the cornerstone for stabilizing and rebuilding the middle class. But some in Congress seem determined to make it nearly impossible for struggling communities to recover.
That audit launched speculation the FHA, which insures about a third of all U.S. mortgages, would need taxpayer funding for
This is economic jargon which indicates that a rise in homeownership causes a more than proportional rise in unemployment -- a truly startling finding.
FIRREA was passed in the wake of the 1980s savings and loan crisis. Federal investigators have used it more often in financial
Now that the housing market is starting to come back to life -- that's "starting," as in it's got a long way back to healthy conditions -- the Federal Housing Administration is doing exactly what it should be doing: getting back to pre-crisis levels of lending standards and market share.
Since the housing market collapsed more than five years ago, would-be homebuyers with low or moderate incomes, or with less-than-stellar credit scores have had really just one financing option: a mortgage backed by the FHA.