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Jeff Mateer, Donald Trump’s nominee for a federal judgeship in Texas, delivered a shockingly anti-LGBTQ speech back in 2015.
If you had any doubt that Donald Trump is a Death Eater, consider all that the Groper in Chief and his circle of Dementors have done in the space of just three short weeks.
Both were on the president's short list for the Supreme Court. Garland ultimately got the nod.
The U.S. government's no-fly list banning people accused of links to terrorism from commercial flights violates their constitutional rights because it gives them no meaningful way to contest that decision, a federal judge ruled on Tuesday.
The amount of taxpayer money spent on these incidents is enough to make anyone's head spin. It's simply out of control. And it might be time for the Mayor and Police Commissioner Kelly to accept the reality that police officers need to be retrained and an outside monitor must be established.
HELENA -- Chief U.S. District Judge Richard Cebull on Wednesday admitted to sending a racially charged email about President
The battle over Mr. Cordray's nomination is over. It is time for Senate Republicans to take up the business of the nation's courts and address the nearly 200 million Americans living in jurisdictions with courts unable to function as designed.
Shadowing last month's decision by U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff to kibosh the agency's $258 million proposed settlement
As the first congressional session of Obama's presidency draws to a close, what began as a slow process of confirmation has
Is your email private? You may think it is, but you may also be surprised how easy it is for law enforcement to access it without a warrant.
If nothing else comes of it, you've got to admit that the health reform movement has given a lot of people a very detailed education about the sausage-making process in Washington.
Ten years ago, Los Angeles attorney Dolly Gee was nominated by President Clinton to serve as a United States District Court
I wish Judge Porteous well. If he has committed neither treason nor bribery nor a high crime or misdemeanor, he should not retain his judgeship. But he just filed a dumb lawsuit.
Pfizer agreed to pay $2.3 billion to settle fraud claims regarding its marketing practices -- the largest criminal fine of any kind ever. But it's the shareholders, and not the corporate officers, who will be punished.
Isn't it clear by now that bipartisanship is and always has been an illusion?
Via Pensito Review: U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Robert Somma, 63, has resigned after pleading guilty to a D.U.I. He was in
When Jim Stewart stepped down from CBS News in November 2006 after some 16 years of reporting on a range of topics for the