Federal judiciary of the United States

The Democratic 2020 presidential candidate is targeting misconduct in the federal judiciary, including the Supreme Court.
The president sued to block his accounting firm from handing over his records in a criminal probe.
"This administration is weaponizing the federal judiciary to restrict the vote," the NAACP warns in a new report.
His lifetime federal judges are almost entirely white, male ideologues. Did someone clone Mike Pence or what?
The GOP leader, who blocked lots of Obama's court picks, is ready to make it easier to confirm district judges now.
Judge Merrick Garland said that under the new policies it would now be “misconduct not to report misconduct.”
His picks for lifetime federal court seats have records of attacking LGBTQ rights, abortion rights and voting rights.
Bruce Lee is credited with introducing nunchucks to America.
They're stepping up their coordination and may try to avoid the federal court system altogether.
Equality and opportunity are now foundational aspects of our democracy. Brown v. Board of Education isn't up for debate.
He should be thanking Mitch McConnell. He thinks Obama just mysteriously left him 100+ court vacancies. 🤦