Federal judiciary of the United States

Five months in, the president has quietly hit a milestone in filling lifetime seats on federal courts.
The Democratic senator has spent years calling for more public defenders and fewer corporate attorneys getting federal judgeships. Now Joe Biden agrees.
"If the American public is to maintain faith in our judicial system," it's time for more public defenders and civil rights lawyers on the federal bench, the groups say.
The newly installed president prefers to fill those lifetime federal judgeships with his own picks, thank you very much.
The president-elect wants recommendations for all existing district court vacancies by Jan. 19, says his incoming White House counsel.
It was the latest court failure for Trump and his allies, who have lost dozens of cases in state and federal courts.
The Democratic presidential candidate's comments come the same day President Trump notched his third Supreme Court justice, Amy Coney Barrett.
Constitutional law experts said the federal officers’ actions are a “red flag” in what could become a test case of states’ rights.
The U.S. Marshals Service said it needs help assessing when to employ "scarce protective resources" to keep federal judges like Esther Salas safe.
Drew Adams, now a student at the University of Central Florida, has said, "This really wasn’t an issue until the school board made it an issue.”