Federal Marriage Amendment

"I am willing to dive into this fight head first."
While it may be accurate to say that a majority of the American public has "moved on" with regard to marriage equality, that's not true among the base of the GOP. And, more critically, the majority of Americans in general hasn't "moved on" when it comes to "religious liberty" vs. "gay rights," not by a long shot.
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Still, Todd didn't think that this latest resolution would reach a vote, much less pass. In an interview with HuffPost last
WASHINGTON -- As promised, Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) introduced legislation late Friday to amend the U.S. Constitution
Asked why he thinks lawmakers would embrace his amendment to ban gay marriage when such a move doesn't reflect what most
Ryan's congressional office directed questions about ENDA to Romney's campaign, and Romney's campaign did not respond to
Mitt Romney's running mate is a man who, like Romney himself, once supported gay rights -- and I do mean just one time -- only to run far away when he needed to genuflect before cultural conservatives.
It takes some thinking to figure why the Republicans are so unified in opposing a pro-gay position. Because somewhere along the way, the American landscape shifted towards supporting gay marriage.
David Paterson's role in introducing and leading the fight for the legalization of same sex marriage is nothing short of stunning.