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Illinois State Trooper Doug Balder nearly burned alive when a dozing truck driver rammed his squad car, and Congress is making it more likely similar accidents will happen to more Americans by relaxing regulations and weakening safety standards.
Susan Collins passed a bill to suspend federal rules that required truck drivers to get two nights of sleep a week. She and shippers argued that drivers were safer working at night, and should have more flexibility to shift their hours.
Details are still emerging about the crash, which killed comedian James "Jimmy Mack" McNair and critically injured actor
Before you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars and entrust your valuables with strangers, here are a few tips for ensuring a positive moving experience, as well as scams to avoid.
As someone with truck driving experience, I have a deep respect for the profession. We must do everything that we can to ensure that trucking companies don't force their drivers to drive long hours with few breaks to sleep and rest.
The recent release of a Transportation Departments inspector general's office government audit has brought to a head, once again, an issue which ignites deep feelings and loyalties in the best people.